How to setup a flow with Zoom recordings to Google Drive?

Hi there. I’m trying to figure out how to set up Zoom recordings to Google Drive but I currently can’t figure out how to create the trigger for recordings. Can anyone give me a bit of a guide on the steps that I would need to do?

Thank you

Not to be a pain, but couldn’t you just use gdrive? If you did, it would be automatic and immediate with no AP in the middle.

Can you elaborate more on this solution? Maybe OP is not familiar with it as I’m not @thisthatjosh

So, in GDrive, you can simply download it from google, and it will clone your drive for whatever folder you choose, along the lines of dropbox. If he downloads GDrive, and clones the zoom folder, there would be no need for AP to be in the middle.

Absent needing AP to be in the middle, for which he has not stated a specific need, I would suggest doing it natively with gdrive.