How to loop through, or add a time delay between RSS feed items

We’re trying to use an RSS feed from our website to then post to our Facebook page. The feed can have between 5 and 50 items. However Facebook limits the rate at which we can post due to our (relatively) small page. What I want to do is use a delay step to introduce a time delay between each post to the Facebook page. However, the delay just pauses the overall flow, and doesn’t pause between RSS items.

I tried to add a loop into the flow to attempt to delay between RSS items, but the loop needs an array, and I can only access the individual feed items. Can anyone suggest how to either access the whole array of RSS items, or to somehow delay between items?

Looks like I’ll have to go back to using Disappointing I can’t get an answer via support or the docs to such a simple question!

Hello @Matt, could you share how RSS items are fetched from the trigger in your case? Are they in the form of an array or an unstructured format?

Could you clarify at which step you added the delay inside the loop?

Thanks for replying @kishanprmr . That’s the problem, I can’t see how the data is being fetched. The trigger is “New Item in Feed”. In the sample data section it fetches 5 different “Results”, but I don’t know if that is because the sample data is being parsed before being displayed in the interface.

The ‘New Item in Feed’ trigger will fetch one feed per run. If you have 10 feeds at a time, it will create 10 runs for the flow. Currently, this trigger returns a single feed item, not an array of items. Therefore, you may consider using a random delay after the RSS trigger, as a static delay will once again create Facebook posts at the same time. Could you provide details what are Facebook limits for post?