How to Login for Local Hosting?

Hi everyone,

I’m a new user for Activepieces and trying out self hosting.
I have created an account and flows as well in my local host but after i set down the pc and reopen windows, I couldn’t find my flows anymore.

I tried clicking on the login hyperlink at the screen below but it doesnt work when clicked. I cant find a way to log in to my previously created account.

Any idea how i can login and get my flows back? TIA

Hi @Ray,

Are you sure you launched the Docker with a persistent volume? (the command line has the path -v) because these screens only show up initially if the database is clean and it’s a fresh new startup.

How did you set up Activepieces?

Thank you,

hi @abuaboud,

thanks for replying.
I used the information on this page Docker - Activepieces to install git, docker then run this “docker run -d -p 8080:80 -v ~/.activepieces:/root/.activepieces -e AP_QUEUE_MODE=MEMORY -e AP_DB_TYPE=SQLITE3 -e AP_FRONTEND_URL=“http://localhost:8080” activepieces/activepieces:latest” in the Command Prompt.

After this, I would then use Chrome to access “http://localhost:8080/flows/”.
It always revert back to the sign up page after i created an account, shutdown the pc and restart windows and goes back to “http://localhost:8080/flows”.

Just to confirm, after restarting does it redirect you to sign up again, or flows page?

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