How to enter a blank line?

I am sending data to a Google Doc and I want to leave a blank line between each run/update.
Is there a way to enter a blank line?

Here’s what a line break I saw in one of my google docs.

        "endIndex": 1,
        "sectionBreak": {
          "sectionStyle": {
            "columnSeparatorStyle": "NONE",
            "contentDirection": "LEFT_TO_RIGHT",
            "sectionType": "CONTINUOUS"

I suggest creating a google doc test file that is short, typographically get it how you want, use the GDocs Piece to read the file and copy that structure.

Thank you for the reply.
I’m still tring to digest it and figure out how to proceed. It may be over my head but I’ll give it a shot and experiment.

I was actaully kinda expecting someone to say something like
“Hold shift when you type enter and it will enter a blank line in the Google Doc”

What I’ve done for now is enter a dash, and then a blank line.
As long as there is a character before it, and after it, you can enter a blank line. Otherwise it ignores it.

Share what what you got.

I haven’t been working on creating Docs. However, I have been reading them , parsing them, and formatting them into HTML for my needs.

I haven’t tested going in the other direction yet.