How to deploy custom developed piece

Hey community,

I recently developed a new piece (that interacts with one of our databases) and managed to deploy activepieces to the Azure Cloud.

In the deployed version, I can see all publicly available pieces but not my custom piece.
For my next step, I’d love to add the custom piece in addition to all publicly available pieces in my deployed version, but I want to keep my piece private as it is not useful for the open source community.

I was checking what’s going on in the piece-metadata-service and saw that the file-based approach (FilePieceMetadataService()) to load pieces from the local file system is only active in DEV-Mode.
Would it be possible to switch to the file-based approach for my custom deployment or is that not advised?

Alternatively, I noticed there’s the dbPieceProvider besides the cloudPieceProvider and that there’s a POST endpoint in the piecesController but I couldn’t find out how to use this endpoint to add my custom piece there.

Can you please give me a hint on how I can get my custom piece available in the deployed version (e.g. via the file-based or by hosting the package in private repo)? Thanks a lot!

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