How to check if Keywords from MySQL table are contained in RSS feed title?


is it possible to create this flow:

I have a list of 100 Keywords in a MySQL table “keywords” in column “keyword”. 1 keyword per row. And I want to get notified by Gotify, if a Keyword is contained in the title of a specific RSS feed.

How do you do that? I tried with loop piece, but it doesn’t work.

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You can refer How to Query for Strings in SQL Server with the CHARINDEX Function guide to search for rows that have keywords matching the RSS feed title. You can add this query to either Find Rows or Execute Query of MySQL piece.

I want to check if a keyword is contained in the title of a new Youtube video. I get the keywords from a mysql table “keywords”. For some reason, it does not work.

  • MySQL Piece “Execute Query”: SELECT * FROM keywords;


  "results": [
      "keyword": "Car"
      "keyword": "Flower"
      "keyword": "Water"
  • IF Branch Piece:
    • First Value: “1. New Video in Channel Title”
    • “(Text) contains”
    • “2. Execute query results”

Flow screenshot:

@automatix ,

Please utilize this query for the MySQL piece.

SELECT * FROM keywords WHERE LOCATE(keyword, youtube_title).

Replace youtube_title with the actual title value from the previous YouTube step. This will return all keywords included in the YouTube title.

Sorry, it does not work.

  • sends the wrong video via Gotify
  • can not process video titles with special character ‘:’ or ‘!’.

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