How to call specific sheet from having the main google sheet id?

Hi there!
I want to call a specific google sheet’s specific sheet in my codes
How can I do that.

Right now its able to connect manually in flow editor but when run it give me error as
Sheet with ID XXXXXXXX not found in spreadsheet XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

How can I get all the GIDs of all sheets inside a spreadsheet using the spreadsheet id of Google sheet?
May be once I have it will solve my issue too.

If my Google Spreadsheet id is AAAAAAAA and gid is BBBBBBB
I want to call data of AAAAAAAA from sheet named “BBBBBBB”

How can I do it with current Google sheets Piece?
Can someone plz help.

My flow working fine when doing debug one by one step
But same flow when running throwing me error as

Sheet with ID AAAAAA not found in spreadsheet XXXXXX

Hello @andishm12 , Welcome to the community :wave:,

In which action are you encountering this error? Could you please provide the flow configuration?