How to Automatically Send Emails from Gmail to Addresses in a Google Sheet?

Is there any way to automatically send mail via Gamil to an email address in a google sheet? I have integrated Gmail with Googlesheets and selected the email row in Googlesheets for the recipient email, but it doesn’t automatically mail to everyone.
Is there any way to send mail to addresses that are already registered?

Hey @contenjoo,

Automating emails from Gmail to addresses in a Google Sheet should be pretty easy.

Firstly, it’s crucial to clarify a few things:

Purpose & Content: Are you trying to send the same email to many recipients at once or is each email personalized? What’s the content of the email? And how are the recipients listed?

Trigger: What should trigger the sending of a new email? For instance, is it a new row added to the Google Sheet or perhaps some other condition?

Once we have those details, I can guide you more accurately. But, generally speaking, here’s a basic flow you might consider:

1. Set Google Sheets as the Trigger: Configure ActivePieces to watch for changes in your Google Sheet. This could be based on new rows being added or maybe a specific column changing.

2. Filtering (if needed): Filter options to ensure emails are sent only to new entries or specific conditions you have in mind.

3. Setup Gmail Action: Connect Gmail and use the email address from the Google Sheet row as the recipient. Configure the email’s body and subject as per your needs.

Hope that gives you a starting point. Once you provide more specifics about your requirements, I (or someone else here) can help you refine the process!


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