How to add Google Drive picture in a Gmail attachment?


I need help to recreate a ZAP using Google Drive and Gmail.

I used to have Zapier automation working like this:
New file in Google drive, Attach that file to an email in Gmail and Send email. (zapier)
Then the email was retrieved in an application(flowmattic) and send to an API (Photoroom).
Then receive file (from photoroom api) and send in Google drive.

It seems Like ActivePieces don’t have the Attachment feature???

AP does have the Attachment feature for the Gmail piece. It should be pretty straightforward.

Once you have the image in Google Drive, use the “Read file” action to get a URL.


Then, look for “Attachment” in Gmail and plug in that URL you just generated (for the image). Make sure the “Attachment Name” has the correct image file extension (i.e. PhotoName.PNG)


And the email should be sent with your image as the attachment.


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A quick question. Is there a specific reason for going through these intermediate steps via email and Flowmattic? For instance, if you want to remove the background of an image using Photoroom, it should be achievable directly here through ActivePieces. You can create a connection using the HTTP module and then simply send the output back to Google Drive.

Reason I use Flowmattic is they developed the Photoroom connection. I don’t know how. Maybe someone could add Photoroom as a piece ? It’s also convenient since I am using the image into Wordpress.

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