How do I extract an email address from an email body?

What piece would I use to extract an email address in an email flow which is triggered by imap?
the email always has the same format and follows a unique td class in the email html.

This email address is only in the text body and not in any of the headers.

Hi @LarsLB

I would add Code Piece and then press on “Ask AI”, provide it like sample of the text and ask it to extract the email address.

There is chance it might be wrong, but it’s good start If it didn’t work can you provide more context like what code it’s generated and sample data.

Thank you,

Hey, I had a similar task (pulling text out of the body of an email).

I posted about it on Reddit:

If you can determine the line where the email will be, you can use the code module to pull it out.

I was able to pull out the Fname, Lname, and ClassDate for my example by locating the lines using the text that was the same before the data I wanted to extract.

Might need to modify this a bit.

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