How can I react to a discord message with an activepieces flow?

I had success using activepieces read and and do stuff with discord messages as that is kinda built in.
But I’m new to discord bots and activepieces, and the next thing i wanna do is to add a reaction to the message i was able to read.

Is somebody able to link me a relevant guide on this or help me out with setting up the bot and/or how to use the discord api correctly?

Hello @Rekkert,

Welcome to the community :smiley:.

Thank you for letting us know about this, there should have been a dropdown in the action to choose your connection, I will be fixing this and notifying you afterwards.

Hi @Rekkert, this was fixed, you will see the authentication dropdown now when you click on the step, create a connection with your bot token and hit test and it will work, I tested it with my own bot and server.

If you get missing_access error, make sure your developer account has 2FA enabled, generate another bot token and try again, had to do that myself :joy:

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Epic, it is working now, how good!!

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