How can i make or keep track of conversation in chatgpt

so i have a work flow and it has several chat gpt steps but each step refrencing the information generated before

so step 1 refrencene generates an output

then step 2 need that info to complete its step

then step 3 needs the info in step 2 and 1 to complete its step

and stepr 4 needs the info in steps 1, 2, and 3

but where can i store the info in such a way that this info stored in away that i can constantly re refrence

The way I do this is that I use the Storage piece for my full article and Append the generated text to it. And I only reference the content of the Storage instead of the steps of my flow. If you run the flow several times in parallel, I recommend generating a random key for the storage.

this is very helpful how do i genereate a random key for storage

this is very helpful how do i generate a random key for storage

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