Hidden Pieces in Complex Scenarios

As the scenarios become larger, it becomes challenging to work on individual steps because you can only zoom in. It should be possible to drag the entire area into the visible portion of the monitor.

Hi @Gio,

It should be doable. What are you using, a Mac laptop, a Windows laptop, or a mouse? If it’s a mouse, try pressing the middle wheel and moving it around. Does that work?

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Oh, wonderful! The middle wheel is functional.

Didn’t realize I could press on this wheel, haha.

Hi @Gio

I am wondering what things did you try? we trying to find what is considered intuitive for people :smiley:

Thank you,

I’ve been using a mouse with a scroll wheel since 1995. Today, for the first time, I pressed it :see_no_evil::sob:.

I believe a common way to move the screen would be to hold down the left mouse button and drag.

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