[HELP!] Updates and clear DIRECTIONS for new users are ESSENTIAL for ActivePieces survival!

So for half a year there’s been no updates, zero clear and working documentation and support… seriously worst feeling experience.

This is my last try to get any support for the product that I bought a while ago before I leave a 1 star review on app-sumo and other places if this ends up to be another failed attempt.

So today, I attempted to create a google calendar automation, which would take my schedule in google sheets and insert it into one of my calendars.

After spending 1 hour trying to get it to work trough software, I tried to register to the support portal, but my purchase e-mail didn’t receive any activation from you…why?
I had nothing left but to register with google.

I turned to the AI bot here on this website, and it told me that the documentation of this task is NOT available (see screenshot).

I managed to find a webpage with supposedly a tutorial

The tutorial offers me to copy the automation into my google account that has everything set up for me …template.

…so I did copy the automation - there’s NOTHING within it!!! It is empty!!!

Come on guys, I have MBA in IT management received about 15 years ago, so I cannot say i am a complete outsider to the IT area, but how can you make this work without instructions or you suggest i should just forget about this software…?


Hello @Inspiration_Coach ,

I’m sorry to hear about your frustration and difficulties with the software. It sounds like you’ve encountered various challenges, from difficulties accessing documentation and support to issues with the provided tutorial and templates. I can certainly understand how that could be frustrating.

In order to assist you better, could you please provide specific details about the workflow scenario you’re trying to achieve with the Google Calendar automation? Understanding the specifics of your use case will allow me to offer more targeted guidance and assistance. Feel free to share details such as the steps you’re trying to automate and any specific issues you’re facing.



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