Help needed setting up processing a Google Sheet

I have a gSheet with a list of websites.
I want to iterate down the list, pull the domain name, pull the html contents, check that for a specific value, and save a value to the sheet depending on what the result is.
Then next row.

Anyone up for helping? :slight_smile:

Use the find rows option in G sheet piece, keep the search value empty to retrieve all rows. Of specify this if you want specific rows. Then for the next step insert a Loop, use the Find Rows output, not the items in the loop. And then within the loop you can setup the specific processing steps.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, I have it to this:

Not sure this next step :slight_smile:

So the data is col T.


Good work!

next step is as follows: add this in the loop step

Then make sure you test this, you will only see 1 items pop up which is correct. then set up your processing of this item within the loop with whatever you plan on doing like this:

Thanks Bram, getting there but now getting a network error after I test the Google Sheets part:


Ok, the gSheet had 40k rows; I cut that to 3k and it saved. I guess it’s pulling the whole thing.

I think we’re almost there :slight_smile:
This works when I go though it 'restest’ing each step, but sets the wrong data when I publish & run.

Any ideas? Your last post mentioned including an additional google sheets piece after the Loop, but that seems redundant?


My last post is just an illustration, the Gsheet is getting data out a a different sheet :wink:

That network erro usaulyl comes when a HTTP piece is not set-up correctly.

You have any idea where it goes wrong? have you made sure during testing that all “variable” input is coming from a previous piece and is not static (manually inserted).

Maybe some screenshots of each piece could help in understanding the details.

btw if you work on Windows, the Windows + alt + r button combination will record your screen, maybe even easier.

Thanks Bram - got it working- thanks for your help!

That tip to check for any orphan text inputs was the key I think.

I also worked out no need to have a text ‘find’ before a ‘branch’, which removed the need to get regex correct.

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Glad it is working! I am happy to help. If you ever run into an issue again let me know maybe I can help you out again.

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