Help me with Json

i want to make post request using http here is my json
“productName”: “{{step_1[‘values’][‘B’]}}”,
“orderId”: “{{step_1[‘values’][‘A’]}}”,
“quantity”: “{{step_1[‘values’][‘E’]}}”,
“price”: “{{step_1[‘values’][‘C’]}}”

but api acpect quantity and price only int and it is sending as string
if i remove “” than I got error
JSON Body is invalid

please help me


Try the following JSON, Anything between {{ }} is javascript :smiley: so we can use Number()

  "productName": "{{step_1['values']['B']}}",
  "orderId": "{{step_1['values']['A']}}",
  "quantity": "{{Number(step_1['values']['E'])}}",
  "price": "{{Number(step_1['values']['C'])}}"

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