Gravity Webhook and Perfex CRM

Hello everyone, I cannot send information from a gravity form via a webhook on Perfex CRM, here is my config

thank you in advance for your help


Welcome to the AP platform. First question is, what kind of error do you receive. also i pasted the APi ref below.

Something you might want to check:

  1. What options do you have at Request format?
  2. Is you authorization value set-up in this way without the apostrophes “Basic <API_KEY>”
  3. Why do you usex-www-form-urlencoded value for the Content-type? and not application/json
  4. not sure if accept is needed, can’t find it right away in the docs

let’s try this first and if you encounter any issues, please screen shot them here in full so we can help you with that.

KR Bram

It’s to create a new lead when a form is submitted.

I do not have the information that goes into Perfex CRM when the form is submitted

Do you receive any error?

also please remove the <> from the api key

no error in Gravity :

i remove the <>

But what happens when you use this connection?

Send me a DM that makes it easier to discuss i think

Hello @Remy_MERLHIOT ,

As per API documentation of Perfex CRM, you have send API token inside header using key authtoken and use content-type as aplication/json.

Let me know if it works.


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