Gravity Forms Webhook not receiving from Wordpress

I created a new submission trigger for Gravity Forms, and it’s stuck on this:
“Action Required
Please go to Gravityforms and trigger New Submission”

It’s not receiving any data even though I’ve already sent a form submission in Wordpress multiple times. I’m sure the form is submitting as it’s sending me an email as confirmation.

The setting in Wordpress is this:

Anything I’m missing?

Hello Grace,

I am trying to think of a way to help, I went and checked Gravity’s webhooks customer tiers and it turned out it is only for “Elite” :
(Look at the bottom of the image)

And also here:

so are you on that tier? if you are, can you just double-check the copied url is correct ? if it is, I will open a bug issue and look it up.

To collect more information from this issue, are there Webhooks logs on Gravity? If so, does it show that the webhooks were sent? Can you screenshot that part?

Hi Abdul,

Yes my Gravity Forms is in Elite, and I’ve already checked the copied URL multiple times. But still the same. The Webhook doesn’t work. Also, am I using the correct plugin to catch the webhook to be sent to Active Pieces? The instruction on Active Pieces only says search for a plugin called Webhooks, but there’s no plugin like that on the results. That’s why I went to Gravity Forms add-on thinking that is what Active Pieces is referring to on the instruction. Are there any other webhook plugin I can use aside from the add-on? Thanks!

Hi ashrafsam,

Thanks for the reply, but there’s no webhooks logs on Gravity Forms where I can check. So, can’t see if webhooks were sent. But the inquiries on the Gravity Forms are being sent, I’m receiving notifications on my email and Google Sheets for the sent test forms.

Hi Grace123,
Did it worked for you I am facing the same issue.

Here are the logs

2023-12-28 11:30:49.354835 - DEBUG → GFFeedAddOn::maybe_process_feed(): Checking for feeds to process for entry #19 for gravityformswebhooks.
2023-12-28 11:30:49.355585 - DEBUG → GFFeedAddOn::maybe_process_feed(): Adding feed (#2 - Webhooks Feed 1) for entry #19 for gravityformswebhooks to the processing queue.
2023-12-28 11:30:49.513061 - DEBUG → GF_Feed_Processor::task(): Starting to process feed (#2 - Webhooks Feed 1) for entry #19 for gravityformswebhooks. Attempt number: 1
2023-12-28 11:30:49.513158 - DEBUG → GF_Webhooks::process_feed(): Sending webhook request to https://xxxxxxxxx/api/v1/webhooks/yGMxxxxxxxB058Jhvci; Array

So the Gravity form hook is working but somehow ActivePiece is not working. Seems to be a bug.