Got paused error in delay step in loop

Hi team,
I received a failed flow on a delay step.
Tests of all step have all been succesful, but i dont know why the output response is empty. When i check the status of the flow was “Paused”; and after remove the delay step it runs perfectly.

Could u guys explain how to fix that?

Appreciate for your help.

Hi @motnguoikechuyen

I don’t understand the issue, so the flow is using delay until If you click on the paused run and then click on the paused step, what is the timestamp? did it reach that date yet? as this step suppose to continue running after the provided timestamp.

Hi @abuaboud. It is paused like forever, I can’t click on the paused run (like it was paused for infinitely). I tested on many timestamp (and reached) but it didn’t work.
The output of the delay step was always
object {0}
(empty object)
And maybe the next step couldnt run on this previous input.

Seem like it has been fixed.