[Google Sheets] Update "Insert Row" Action with Updated Row Number

Hey everyone,

The “Insert Row” action for Google Sheets doesn’t pass on the specific row that’s been updated.

Any chance we could add that?

This is what’s currently passed on:

This is what I hope can be added (the specific row that’s been added):

@abuaboud if you could add this to the action, that would be sweet! :grinning:

This would allow us to easily use the “Get Row” action to make further additions, later on in the automation/flow.

A temporary fix using the code module (shoutout to Mo for the suggestion, still hoping a cleaner, native solution could be found):

First add the code piece as a step:

Copy the following code into index.ts, change inputs.update_row_range to inputs.YOURKEYNAME

export const code = async (inputs) => {
  const updatedRowRange = inputs.updated_row_range;

  if (!updatedRowRange) {
    console.log("No updated row range provided");
    return null;

  const firstNumberGroup = extractFirstNumberGroup(updatedRowRange);

  if (firstNumberGroup) {
    const extractedNumber = parseInt(firstNumberGroup, 10);
    console.log(`The first grouping of numbers after 'A' is: ${extractedNumber}`);
    return extractedNumber;
  } else {
    console.log("No numbers found after 'A'");
    return null;

function extractFirstNumberGroup(inputString: string): string | null {
  const match = inputString.match(/A(\d+)/);
  return match ? match[1] : null;

It should look like this:

Click add npm package at the top right and add: @types/node

Add a key-value pair to get the row range from the previous step, I chose updated_row_range as the key, the value has to be the updatedRange value from the Google Sheets step:

And voila, you should have an integer as the output which you can use to locate the row that was updated.