Google Sheets piece support for Query

I wondered if there are plans to add the ability to query a google sheet - for example =“select AVG(C),MIN(C),MAX(C),A,B,LOWER(D),G,COUNT(D) where LOWER(D) like('%” & B5 & “%') and A>=” & B3 & " and B>=" & B4 & " and LOWER(G) LIKE(‘%" &B6 &"%’) group BY D,A,B,G LABEL AVG(C) ‘Average Price’, MIN(C) ‘Low’, MAX(C) ‘High’, COUNT(D) ‘No of Properties’, LOWER(D) ‘Location’" and place the results in another sheet. For this use case I have lots of property price data based on beds, baths, location and type of property. At the moment, I manually enter the values for B3, B4, B5 and B6 (bed, baths, location, type) , the query is stored in B7, and the output A10 (where formula is =query(AllRecords!A:G,B7))

Hi @Mark_van_Bellen I was never aware Google Sheets had this Querying capability! I’ll open a discussion with our Pieces team and see what it takes to do this. I like the idea but we need to scope it and see if it’s practically doable.

Thank you for the great suggestion…

Moving this to Discussions to allow others to upvote it / add more info to it.

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