[Google Sheets] Instant trigger for cell updates

It would be great if we could get an instant Google Sheets trigger that sets off anytime a cell in any row is updated (not just a new row). I feel like this could bring about SO many use-cases.

For example, let’s say a status of an old lead moves from “Interested” to “Scheduled”
Or a task in a CRM is marked as complete, it would activate the Google Sheets trigger in AP.

There’s a ton of utility here.

@kishanprmr you’ve already added the instant trigger for new rows, let’s get that extended to new cell updates! When/if you get a chance :slight_smile:

I guess an updated row would be equivalent to an updated cell, but again we need it to be an instant trigger

Actually Albato has exactly what I’m looking for:

Edit: This could be completely unrelated to the script, but I’m getting a double trigger of the webhook. Though oddly I can’t select the first of the two results, hence my suspicion is it is related to an error in AP, not the script.

Sometimes the solution is under your nose, thanks for the tip @kishanprmr. We can use a webhook trigger to achieve the cell change monitoring.

If you follow this tutorial:

But swap the Albato endpoint with the webhook trigger from Activepieces, it should work!



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