Google Sheet "New Row" trigger does not work. Really. Not

Simple flow: Should trigger on new rows:

  • On the first batch it did
  • When I added a row it to the sheet, it never again triggered
  • When I copy/pasted 10 rows, it fired again, but only for the last 3 of the 10 rows

Can you advise how to use Google Sheets triggers? This is my main use case.

Also, a suggestion: Add a trigger “Empty column”: It fetches n rows where a certain column is empty. Perfect to solve the new row identification problem. We can then check for empty fields that the flow enriches. Or if it updates existing, we can also set a specific column with e.g. an update-timestamp. Etc.

In any case, as it stands, the Google Spreadsheet trigger does not work.

Here how the speadsheet looks like after the above procedure. 7 empty llm_output columns, in the middle, 3 filled ones below.

Hi there @Bachi, welcome to our community :star:

The New Row trigger only work on rows whose numbers are new, for example if you have 10 rows pre-filled in your sheet before you created this flow and published it, any changes on them won’t be accounted for, but if you add 10 new rows under them, that will result in the flow triggering 10 times, with respect to your price plan’s sync time.

I hope this clears things out, if you are still facing issues, please elaborate more on your use case so we can further help, cheers :smiley:

What you could do is set-up a webhook within Google Sheets via This is a bit more complex but it could help.

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Hi @Abdul
Yes, I gathered that, but it still didn’t do it that way. I’ve copy pasted all the 10 last rows, and on the next run, it would fill out only parts of them.

Other than that I think currently the 1-minute schedule (that I have in my plan) is not reached, 1-minute flows are triggered anywhere between 2 - 10 or so minutes, rather than every minute.

These are all 1-minute period flows, and there was always something to do.

I assume servers are a bit overloaded currently?

Anyway, re-built the whole workflow to use time trigger + Find rows / Update rows and a loop, works much better (except from the missing 1-minute runs).

Cool tool anyway! :slight_smile:

Did this Google Sheet trigger problem get resolved? I am using the “New Row Added (instant)” trigger. The only way I can get it to run the flow when I add a new row to my Sheet is by manually disconnecting and reconnecting the Google Sheets connection, which is less than ideal.

I have published this Flow and there is the lightning bolt icon indicating it’s a Real time flow.