Google sheet new row runs every minutes. How to change that?

Hi, i am trying to collect data from google sheet every 15 minutes.
I created the automation but it seems like it set a defualt to run every minutes and i have no way to control that.

Is there something i can do to make it run every 15 minutes? Schedule option don’t work there and there is not setting to change the interval time.

Just wondering, why wouldn’t you want this trigger to run every minute?

are you using the cloud version or the self-hosted version?

The cloud version, and i don’t see an option there to change it.

I don’t need it to run every minute and it takes credits if it run every minute.


Perhaps you could use the Schedule piece to trigger your flow every 15 minutes.

Thanks i tried it before posting the the question but it’s a lot more complex to do that.

The regular google sheet check for new rows, get the next rows is more complex because i need to get it into a place that it’s the last row.

It also send the data in a different way while i want to get each row on webhook.

I don’t think there is a good way to go around it, it’s just an option that should be added to the system like all the other systems has.

Gotcha. I hope that you find a solution soon.

@FOXKILL_FOXKILL, You could try adding a delay piece directly after the trigger piece, or at the end of the flow to delay the execution.


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