Google Sheet formulas stopped working

Hi all, without performing any change, formulas that are being added to a Google Sheet stopped working.

An example formula:


Can you see why it’s an error and also see the input of the field within Google sheet?

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the input is like:
=HYPERLINK(“”, “Web”)


I might have the issue and it is something really annoying :wink: ran into this issue before

=HYPERLINK(“,”Google”) is the input you use. I think the issue might be in the Curly Quotes you are using “ “, they need be straight otherwise Gsheet is not able to read it.

Get this:

instead of:

Please let me know the outcome.



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thanks for the hint! But unfortunately this is not the issue…

Hello @karla ,

Have you tried changing quotes from to " for the formula as suggested by Bram? If you are mapping links from previous steps, ensure to wrap them inside double quotes.

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Hi, yes, I did, same issue persists.

Hello @Karla, could you please share a screenshot of the field mapping for the Google Sheets step?

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