Google Sheet & Contacts Integration error

Hi, I have facing a problem with very simple and basic integration of google sheets with google contact.

I am getting following error -

“{“response”:{“status”:400,“body”:{“error”:{“code”:400,“message”:“Invalid JSON payload received. Unknown name "primary" at ‘person.email_addresses[0]’: Cannot find field.”,“status”:“INVALID_ARGUMENT”,“details”:[{”@type":“",“fieldViolations”:[{“field”:“person.email_addresses[0]”,“description”:"Invalid JSON payload received. Unknown name "primary" at ‘person.email_addresses[0]’: Cannot find field.”}]}]}}},“request”:{“body”:{“names”:[{“givenName”:"Vinay “,“familyName”:“2023-09-26 11:14:00”}],“emailAddresses”:[{“value":"”,“primary”:true}],“phoneNumbers”:[{“value”:“919926977605”}],“organizations”:[{“name”:“TRUE”}]}}}”

Hi @Ravi_Mittal Sorry about that! I moved it to Bugs as I tested it with the same information you posted and got the same error. So I think it’s a bug in the piece.

I’d like to bring to your attention that you posted personal information within the response. If you’re not comfortable with keeping them, please feel free to remove them from the original post.

When can i expect the resolution of this bug?

Hi @Ravi_Mittal

Sorry this already fixed, can you please try again and let me know!

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