Google my business automatic review replier

Get rid from manual review reply by using this template just adjust the comments according to you and that’s it you are ready to give perfect user experience to your customers

Template Url:

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Thanks a lot for your contribution @Hotel_Vatika_Inn, really appreciated, could you please name your branches like “Is X star rating” so it becomes more understandable for people and share the template again? and send me your email so we can activate your rewards :star_struck:

This is great! How about adding a way to rotate the replies for each star rating. E.g. 3-5 different pre-made replies per star rating? Maybe by adding excel sheet? Or is there a way to have this data straight within Activepieces maybe a table?

Hey there @Aaron, welcome to the community !

You can add a google sheets “Insert row” action, other examples could be Notion, Microsoft Excel, AiTable and many others, you can check the available pieces here.