Google Gemini piece not being able to authenticate

Hello! In the cloud, when you try to create the authentication for this piece it won’t work. It’s returning a “Connection failed: Invalid API key” but in my local environment it works fine. This verification is only an HTTP request so it shouldn’t fail. Since I’m not able to see logs from the cloud, can you please check it?


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Hello @PFernandez98
can you please try placing this in your browser
and replace your_key_here with your actual key ? you should be able to see a list of models.

Hello @Abdul… I see the models (I created this piece myself). I can’t make it work on the cloud. In my self hosted works just fine. I created this post because of some users on discord were trying to use the piece and they couldn’t.

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Hi, could you please open your network tab in the browser or console to see what errors when you try to establish the connection ? I am trying to attain an api key to test it ourselves, will reply as soon as I have an answer to why it’s failing.





Hello @PFernandez98 sadly our servers are placed in Europe and Europe cannot access Gemini, so you can only use the piece on a server that’s somewhere else, seems like you would only be use it on self hosted instance of Activepieces for now.

@Abdul good moment to create something like “Use proxy for requests” thing :sweat_smile:

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I would suggest you open an issue on Github and mentioning this piece there so our team can track it and see what we can do to solve such a problem technically here

Done: Add the ability to use proxy for all requests · Issue #3491 · activepieces/activepieces · GitHub