Google Gemini is not showing in automation piece

in website you mention add google gemini but in automation i did nt find the google gemini, plz tell me whats the issue

@arslan92 I had the same issue… not sure if you are self hosting, but I restarted system and it showed up? I attached screen shot of mine… I’m kinda new at this, and at first I did not realize I had not set my trigger yet. Lol… but all good now… :grinning:

Hope is helps

i try it again and its not showing in my account. i buy this deal from appsumo plz someone help me to resolve this issue

you can see in image that google gemini is not showing. i dont use self hosted i use appsumo plan

@arslan92 just curious, do you see the other pieces? I’m not sure I can direct you on cloud account, someone from AP, will have to step in on that…


Hi @arslan92

It’s hidden from the cloud as the workers are currently located in EU, which make all requests fails as Google Gemini is only supported in US servers.

Let me see if this is no longer valid.

Thank you,

@abuaboud thank you… did not realize that… thank you

@admins Hey AP team - any updates or insight into getting Google Gemini up and running as an automation for us cloud users? Is there any type of workaround if we are US-based?


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