Google form to notion submission

i’m a newbie who needs guide on how to create a flow to submit data from google form to notion.

i have a google form named ‘’ & i’d like to submit date from google form to a notion table named ‘’. at this stage i’m able to map all the fields from google form to notion. however, i’m still unable to get the notion table updated automatically.

appreciate any hlp to resolve this.
krgds, -nik

Hello @nikahafiz , Welcome to the community :wave:,

Are you encountering any errors from the Notion step? Can you please share details/screenshot about error?

hi @kishanprmr,

tks for reaching out.

so far there are no errors. i believe i just do not know how to automate the running of the flow ‘tst.gform2no’ that i created.

here are the screenshots that i think may help you find out my issue-

  1. my flows dashboard


  1. ‘tst.gform2no’ flow schema


  1. runs dashboard (after publish)


  1. connections dashboard


i look fwd to yr guidance as i plan to use activepieces as regularly/efficiently as possible.

tks & krgds, -nik

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Hi @nikahafiz

To automate your flow ‘tst.gform2no’, be ensure that the trigger is correctly set. In Active pieces, you need a trigger event, such as a new submission in Google Forms, to start the flow automatically. Check the trigger settings and ensure they match the event you are expecting. Also, verify that the flow is published and active. If the problem still got resist, try re-establishing the connection between Google Forms and Notion.

Hope this helps!


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Hi @nikahafiz,

It seems like you’re aiming to create a flow that generates new records in Notion based on Google Forms responses. If that’s correct, you can use the Create Database Item action in Notion for this purpose.

If your goal is to update Notion records based on Google Forms responses instead, you can refer to the post at How to update or create entry in Notion database for guidance.

Additionally, once you publish the flow, runs will only appear when new Google Forms responses are submitted.

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tks @kishanprmr / @LANA21

after testing many times with the g.form submission, i’m stil unable to load / bring in the data fm g.form into notion. instead, it only passes blank data viz rows fr every g.form submission.

kindly advise how to resolve this.

tks & krgds, -nik

@nikahafiz, could you please post detailed screenshots (with any personal details removed) showing how your Notion step is configured? It would be helpful to troubleshoot the issue.

hi @kishanprmr

as requested

if u require the codes on the output, they are appended blw-

“object”: “page”,
“id”: “4dbd304c-xxxx”,
“created_time”: “2024-06-20T10:45:00.000Z”,
“last_edited_time”: “2024-06-20T10:45:00.000Z”,
“created_by”: {
“object”: “user”,
“id”: “71bf846b-xxxx”
“last_edited_by”: {
“object”: “user”,
“id”: “71bf846b-xxxx”
“cover”: null,
“icon”: null,
“parent”: {
“type”: “database_id”,
“database_id”: “2b85b826-xxxx”
“archived”: false,
“in_trash”: false,
“properties”: {
“Color”: {
“id”: “SOGJ”,
“type”: “select”,
“select”: null
“country”: {
“id”: “%5EpVj”,
“type”: “select”,
“select”: null
“name”: {
“id”: “title”,
“type”: “title”,
“url”: “”,
“public_url”: null,
“request_id”: “a27a8f90-9e05-41a5-9709-c61a921c011d”

tks & krgds, -nik

Thanks for the details.

All fields in the Notion integration steps are currently empty. To insert a new record into Notion, you need to map data to these fields. Please refer to the How to Pass Data between Steps tutorial for guidance. You can also watch a YouTube tutorial where users demonstrate how to map data between steps.

For instance, when you click on the “Name” field in the Notion step, it will open the Data to Insert Panel with Google Forms response data. From this panel, you can select the appropriate name field (from Google Form) to map with name field of notion database.

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hi again @kishanprmr,

i have remapped the related fields between those in g.forms & notion & it now works.

the mapping looks like this-

while the output in notion is as follows-

pls allow me to test some more b4 i revert to decide on closure of this case.

tks & krgds, -nik

many tks again @kishanprmr (+ @LANA21).

as i hv gotten the desired results for the create record fm g.forms to no, i shall close this case for now.

i’ll create/test record updt separately & may also open a ‘need help’ case, if reqd, later.

again, apprec yr guidances v.much.

krgds, -nik

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