Google Drive & Uploaded file URL : how to get the file URL that can be shared (email, gsheet, other)

Hey there,

I searched in the community but didn’t found a way to get the URL of file uploaded in a Google drive folder.

After some testing, and testing, and again testing, I found a simple way to get the webViewLink of my uploaded document, which is not a stepX:/ URL but a GDrive URL !

Hereafter an extract of my flow :

To sum it up, really simple flow :

  • I upload my file in a GDrive folder (in my flow, I search for the existence of a folder, so I have branch and the Storage / Get you see in my flow is to get the folder ID (newly created or already existing).
  • I move the uplloaded file in the SAME directory than the one where the file was uploaded
  • As a result, I spent 1 additional task but I do get all info about the file, incuding the webViewLink i can then use to share the permanent file URL.

Hope this helps ! In case this is stupid and I could do better, please let me know :slight_smile: