Google Drive "Upload File" > "Parent Folder" Issue

Adding a dynamic variable to Google Drive’s “Parent Folder” under the “Upload File” action isn’t working.

Am I missing something? The folder is nested in two folders. Do I have to add something to the “Parent Folder” field to access it?

@BastienMe would love some help here :slight_smile:

The parent folder dynamic variable is the equivalent to the folder Id not its name like when it is a dropdown.

You can get the folder id by opening your folder in the browser and checking the url which will look like this<your_folder_id>
<your_folder_id> is the value that should be pasted in “Parent Folder” input.

Hey Abdul, awe that makes sense, so is there a way I can pull this variable in dynamically?

I create a unique folder in a different automation that I would like to pull in here and I want the name of the folder to match the name I have above (basically firstname_middlename_lastname_birthday)…is this feasible?

This folder is a unique folder based on each new row in my Google Sheets file, so it cannot be static.


@Abdul We need this … exactly as Zapier has it … should be a simple update to the current piece, no?

For posterity, found a workaround (requires a database, tested with Google Sheets):

Create a folder in Google Drive using your dynamic variables, then pass the unique folder ID to a column in Google Sheets (or Airtable, etc.) and use that unique Folder ID in future automations.

Should have thought of this sooner lol. Of course, a direct action is always better, but this works perfectly fine.


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