[Google Drive] Update the "Edit permissions" action

For the existing Google Drive piece, if we could update the “Edit permissions” action to allow for sharing fully public links (type = anyone).

As such, if type = anyone the email field should be hidden/optional if it’s a public link. Or if the email field is mandatory, maybe we enter the email address of the Google Drive account in question, which should be inconsequential if it’s a public link.

In addition, if we can add a link expiry after X amount of days option, as per: Dateien, Ordner & Laufwerke freigeben  |  Google Drive  |  Google for Developers

Lastly, if we could get a shareable/downloadable URL in the output, which should be the Google Drive ID prefaced by https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=

So if a file with Google ID: 123456 will have a downloadable URL output of https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=123456

Thanks :smiley:

@PFernandez98 when you get a chance! I think it will be fairly easy to add to the current iteration you created. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll check this later today


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Sweet, thanks a bunch :man_mage:

Hey Pablo (aka WizzyP), any update on this? What do you think - is it something that can be added easily? @PFernandez98

It should be easy… I’ve been looking at the documentation and it seems easy to do… I’ll try to create the action

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Great! Keep me posted. Been patiently waiting for this solution, as I have no way to publicly share links at the moment. Even tried Dropbox and it didn’t work as advertised. Thanks again, @PFernandez98

I actually already developed this couple hours after my last post… but I haven’t been able to test it cause AP is giving me a compiler error (nothing to do with my code)

So I need to wait for the to fix that to test… I’ll let you know

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Sweet! I’ll keep an eye out for your message, once you can test it. Thanks bro!

Hey Wiz, were you able to get that compiler error fixed?

Sweet! Can’t wait to test it when it’s live. Thanks so much! @PFernandez98

Thanks so much, Pablo! :muscle: :mage: Works like a charm!

For those who want to set up direct Google Drive links with this new action, set them up like this:

https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id={Google Drive ID}

The Google Drive ID would be pulled from the Upload file action before setting the public permissions with the new Set public access action

One thing I did notice that was weird @kishanprmr, the versioning says the new Google Drive version is old and should be updated:

@PFernandez98 it’s giving me the following error when trying it with mp4 files:


Getting the same error with “Read file” so it could be an Activepieces issue