Google Drive Pieces - Read File cannot map the output link

I have successfully perform google drive - read file and it does output a URL, however when I pass this URL into another API, it became file:// instead of direct URL, any idea why is this happening?



I assume the “file” link is coming from the Test Flow and Test Run. Is that correct?

Activepieces only generates links during the Test Step, but for actual runs and Test Flow, it doesn’t, as it stores file temporary and these files and the sandbox gets deleted after the execution is completed.

If that’s your case, I would suggest using the link directly in the New File that is generated by Google instead of using the Read File action.

Does that make sense?

Sorry its still not clear to me, my workflow saves a gdoc as a pdf, and then I am trying to export this pdf into other apps, how can I do this?


Hi @vinc,

I understand the flow now. I can clearly see what’s happening; this is very interesting. Use the file helper from the core piece to decode the weird URL file:// into base64. I believe there is something we can learn and improve from here. In the meantime, please use the file helper from the core pieces.

Thank you,

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