Google Drive new files

I have a shared drive in google drive.
And I want whenever a new files is added in any subfolder will be added to a google sheet entry.

But like… It doesn’t see any new files no matter what I do :slightly_frowning_face: I do not understand what I am doing wrong. Why doesn’t it see the files added to this shared drive? The account has full access to this shared drive and all subfolders.

Hello @axelpotato, happy to see newcomers to our community :star:

I think you might not know that we have two types of trigger, instant and scheduled.

Instant triggers run instantly once a change is detected, but scheduled ones take around 5 mins after the change has been done, also please make sure your published your flow after you are done editing it.


But when I try to add content to the folder and have example data to fill in the next stages… I get nothing even after a minute.

This is a bit of an issue… I cant finish the automation

Hi @axelpotato, put any files you like in the parent folder, then come back to Activepieces and go into your flow and select the trigger step then hit Load data

then you will have all the sample data you need to fill in the rest of your flow :smiley:

Hmmm maybe my page is acting weird Ill try it again. (its a shared drive)
Do files inside folders inside the parent folder also count?

Yes, they should count.

It keeps showing me only this. I just uploaded a file to this folder but it doesn’t seem to work.
No idea what is the issue.

Is there some explanation to this API? If someone that is not the connected user uploads a file to that folder will he not see it? Even though this user has full access to all folders and subfolders?

Can you try another folder other than English? sorry if you feel frustrated, we just didn’t come across such a case before.

The only folder it works with is the regular drive folder. None of the shared drives seem to react to it :
Strangely it only sees like 6 folders when I try to choose folders whilst there are like 50 in total in the shared drive I want to use.

And the user has full edit rights to all of them… Strange

I am still unable to make active pieces work with new files added to a Shared google drive.
Out of 50 folders it sees only 5. (even though permissions are the same)
And it sees no files at all in any of the 5 folders it sees.

Any help on this one?

I had the same issue with pabbly and their tech support answered and and they have made a fix on their side apparently there was an issue with audio files / google drive API issues.
Because the errors I got there were identical and after their fix it works on pabbly :slight_smile: !!
So maybe take a look at it?

Moved to the bugs, Let’s take look in this issue.

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