Google Drive: "Find Folder By Name" Action

We need you to add an action to the existing Google Drive integration:

“Find Folder By Name”

This would be incredibly helpful to access folders created in different automations, as right now it looks like only static folders can be accessed or those created in the current automation, but for use-case I need to copy files to a folder created in a different automation. And this folder is unique to each new row in my Google Sheet.

@Abdul need this feature ASAP, hope you can push something like this soon :slight_smile:

Exactly as Zapier has it:

For posterity, found a workaround (requires a database, tested with Google Sheets):

Create a folder in Google Drive using your dynamic variables, then pass the unique folder ID to a column in Google Sheets (or Airtable, etc.) and use that unique Folder ID in future automations.

Should have thought of this sooner lol. Of course, a direct action is always better, but this works perfectly fine.


Would not say this is solved! If there is no direct action, when trying to call it a Zapier Replacement be a Zapier Repacement not half baked!

True @MichaelS! Luckily @PFernandez98 has submitted the action already for review :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the quick response!

@MichaelS this is live already. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great, thank you for the heads up.