Google Drive — Duplicate File not Working

Hey there, so I have setup a workflow to create folders when a list in ClickUp is created.

I’ve got everything working except the Google Drive > Duplicate File.

The file successfully duplicates, but doesn’t go into the desired parent folder.

Instead, it just duplicates the file inside the same folder it found the file in, but it doesn’t move the file to where I want it to go (which is the new folder I created based on a workflow trigger).

Does anyone know what to do here?

It may not duplicate in the correct location because
(a) the folder you’re targeting doesn’t exist (or no longer exists and has been deleted)
(b) you’re using the wrong folder ID
(c) the test data needs to be reloaded

If it’s neither of those help solve the problem, please share more details (potentially screenshots) and someone can hopefully troubleshoot further.

But this happened to me when I was using a folder ID that no longer existed, so it just duplicated in the same location.

Alternatively, use the “Read File” action, followed by the “Upload File” action to solve your problem. But again if it’s a/b/c above, you’ll still have the same issue saving it to the folder you want.

Hey @S_M thanks for sending that through. I tested everything you suggested and it still doesn’t work.

Here’s the rundown:

@Josiah_Roche Hmmmm…I’m sure someone more qualified could find the issue…in case it’s the piece itself.

However, how about you create a branch to check if the folder exists, before proceeding to the final step? I’m wondering if everything is triggering too fast before the folder’s created, or if the parent folder input is wrong (for whatever reason). This will be a good way to check if it’s the former or latter.

Also, try using the “Search Folder” action under Google Drive instead of picking up the IDs from the creation steps.

Hi @Josiah_Roche ,

I’ve identified an issue where it is not appropriately considering the folder ID. I agree with your observation; it appears to be a bug.

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@kishanprmr merged the fix, please re test again.

Awesome, glad it’s fixed!

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