Google Drive - Copy Files from one folder to another

¿Hello there! Would it be possible to copy a file from one folder to another?
I have 2 files (Google Docs) that I need to copy from one folder to another when someone fills a form.
The flow is:

  1. User fills a Google Forms
  2. A new folder is Created in Google Drive
  3. Copy a file from Folder A to the new created folder.

This is the flow I currently have on Make

Hello guys, any update on this one?

the “Upload File” piece (Google Drive) won’t do the trick?

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You could do this, but instead of creating a copy, you could upload a file.

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Hello, thank you all, I can’t upload them, it’s 2 Google Docs files that I need to keep their format. So I can’t download them as Word files and upload them.

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