[Google Drive] Add "Update Permissions" action to a folder

Hey everyone,

I’m hoping a clever individual could add an “Update Permissions” action to a Google Drive folder.

Use case example:

  1. I add a new lead/customer/patient to my Google Sheet or CRM.
  2. I create a folder for that new individual on Google Drive.
  3. This folder is slowly filled with confidential (and/or personalized) documents for that individual.
  4. I give the individual access (exclusively via their email, as typical permissions in Google Drive).

My hope is when the folder is created, I can use ActivePieces to add 1 or more emails/people to share the folder with (instead of anyone with the link) to maintain security and confidentiality. So unless they use that email, they wouldn’t be able to access the particular folder.

As such, they would be added to the “People with access” as seen below:

Not sure if it’s possible, but if it is, this would be very helpful to add to the Google Drive piece as an action. Maybe called Set Folder Permissions

Done :sweat_smile:

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