Google Doc - Generate Doc from Template

Google Doc - Generate Doc from Template

See below instructions -

Generate A Document from Google Doc template

Also, wondering if we could generate a document from a template? Seems like that would be a given for any usable Google Docs integration.

+1. We need this too.
Create a doc based on a Google Doc template would be awesome

@PFernandez98 is working on this! Developer needed for new Google Drive & Google Docs actions - #25 by PFernandez98

Hello @S_M … rough year so far xD, tomorrow I’ll be sharing the screenshots I told u about. And probably I’ll be releasing the code also.


No worries! Take your time. Thanks again, look forward to it!

@S_M so, here are the screenshots, tell me what you think (I know it’s a lots of steps but I mean… you only need to configure it once :sweat_smile:) :

1st I duplicate the file (template) using G drive piece:

Then I just edit the new file replacing variables and images:

This is how I get the IDs of the images, using the new Read Document action (you don’t need to include this in your flow. You just need to get all the IDs from the template per se, and then use them for the Edit template action):





Looks good to me! Can’t wait to test it @PFernandez98

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Thanks @PFernandez98 !

@S_M @WPDesigns sup guys! I’ll be releasing the code today. I’m making sure of a few things before a do that. So probably in a couple of days (or maybe tomorrow) this is gonna be available.



Can’t wait! Thanks again!