Google Contacts Integration bug?

I’m trying to monitor google contacts update. I’m unable to test the step.
Google Contacts Unable to Generate Sample Data.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @Adil

Is there something special in the current contacts? I am trying to find a way to reproduce It currently works in my google contacts

For example can you try another account and see if works? then we try to find the difference

Hi @abuaboud ,
I have tried another account. I could load the contacts from this second account.
I can’t see the differnces between the two accounts. Any idea on how we can check this ?
Thank you for your support.

Hi again,
While trying to get around and get some clues; I went throw the full flow test and it worked.
I could retrieve the updates from the faulty google contacts account event though the Genrate sample data have failed.
I’ll continue working on my automation and see !

Thanks any way

Hi @Adil

If you can find which contact causing the issue, then we can simulate same thing in our side and fix it :smiley:

Thank you,

Hi @abuaboud ,
It wasn’t a contact but rather a contact account wich was failing the sample data procedure.
If you want me to perfom a test, let me know which one; I’ll try it.

EDIT: The data I was playing with comes from the google account used for test, the one which is working fine. The account I want originally trying to use is still faulty.
Setps :
trigger from gmail acoount 1 : load sample ==> Failure
replace account 1 by account 2
trigger from gmail acoount 2 : load sample ==> Sucess
Put back account 1 : test flow success but load sample data still failing

Here where i was misleaded. The test flow procedure worked because it was using already sampled data from account 2.

Is there any log area where I can see the differences between the two google account processing ?