Google Calendar stops triggering after a few days


I’m using the Google calendar piece as trigger for “New Or updated event”.
It works perfectly for a couple of days, and then it stops triggering.

After this, when trying to generate sample data, the text “Please go to Google Calendar and trigger New Or updated Event” is displayed, and the spinner is stuck spinning even though I have both added and updated events.

My feeling is that somehow the webhook is blocking the calls from Google, like if the authentication has been discarded.

It does not help to reconnect to Google Calendar.
What does work, however, is to duplicate the flow. The new flow works right away, But then after a few days it stops to trigger again.

I’m using the cloud version of Active Pieces.

Anyone with similar issues?

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Hi @Frazze

Can you go to connections tab in the dashboard, does the connection show as Active or Error?

Hi and thanks for reaching out!

It says “Active”.


I have the same exact issue. I keep on duplicating every 5-6 days… Now my flow is named XXXX #9 (the number of duplication).

If we can the root case, I would be very happy

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Found the issue, It seems webhook in google by default expires after 7 days :smiling_face_with_tear:

I think we can configure it to never expire, thank you guys for reporting that!

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Google always surprises me with how they complicate their API. It seems like Google always sets the expiration to one month even we specify longer than this period

We have three options: either deal with this strange behavior by having a job that keeps refreshing the webhook inside activepieces which something we don’t support atm as it’s unique, or find another way to refresh it for example whenever we get a new event or use polling as a trigger.

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Thanks for your investigation and findings, @abuaboud !

In my particular case, I use it on a calendar that is only updated once in a while.
So if refresh would be triggered based on incoming new or updated events from my calendar, I guess I still risk having the expiry issue at the rare times when nothing has happened in the calendar for a month.

I guess I could exercise the web hook refresh by having a flow regularly update some dummy event in the future to keep it alive.


hola, what do you mean by " use polling as trigger"? I am using it multiple times a day as we are collecting patient schedule, multiple times a day. So this flow is very useful. Appreciate your enlightenment.

We’ve released a fix today to address this issue. We changed the trigger to function as a polling trigger instead of a webhook trigger (You don’t have to change anything on your end).

Please let us know if the issue happens again :smiley:

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You should re publish your flow to use the new version by @MoShizzle

Thank you All!

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Thank you, @abuaboud and @MoShizzle, for addressing this issue so promptly!

All the best,

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