Google Calendar -> Notion: Recurring Meetings Blew Up My Task Count :-(

I had a flow that had:
IF Google Calendar New or Updated Task
THEN Save as new entry in Notion.

The problem is someone created a Recurring Meeting on my calendar with no end-date. This caused TONS of tasks to trigger in ActivePieces, and I blew through my 1000 task-limit nearly instantly.

Is there a way to fix this such that it ignores any meeting with recurring invites? Or only processes once?

I tried a workaround like this below. Where I have a branch to see if it’s recurring. However, I think that’s still going to trigger that first box infinitely right?

Bumping this. Anyone know how to handle this issue?

Hello @CloudyPine ,

We have addressed the issue, and now you have the option to choose whether to expand recurring items or not in trigger.


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Wonderful! Thank you so much! Got it working.

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