Gmail error, error 400 Precondition check failed

Hi Team,

Ran into the following issue with Gmail. I received the following error:

{“response”:{“status”:400,“body”:{“error”:{“code”:400,“message”:“Precondition check failed.”,“errors”:[{“message”:“Precondition check failed.”,“domain”:“global”,“reason”:“failedPrecondition”}],“status”:“FAILED_PRECONDITION”}}},“request”:{“body”:{“raw”:“Q29udGVudC1UeXBlOiB0ZXh0L3BsYWluOyBjaGFyc2V0PXV0Zi04DQpUbzogaW5mb0ByZXh6Lm5sDQpTdWJqZWN0OiA9P1VURi04P0I_ZEdWemRBPT0_PQ0KTWVzc2FnZS1JRDogPDQwMGY4ODY0LWUwZGEtMmQ2OS1mOTk2LTliMmJhYzQzN2YwNUBsb2NhbGhvc3Q-DQpDb250ZW50LVRyYW5zZmVyLUVuY29kaW5nOiA3Yml0DQpEYXRlOiBXZWQsIDI3IFNlcCAyMDIzIDE1OjIxOjE1ICswMDAwDQpNSU1FLVZlcnNpb246IDEuMA0KDQp0ZXN0DQo=”}}}

Did some checks online but it seems some information is missing. I did fill the required fields:

Could you please have a look to see what might be wrong?

KR bram

@Bram In order to debug this, can you change the recipient email to something completely different (different domain and email) and let us know if the issue persists?

Sure please see results below, same error. the account is my spam account which is an active email account.

@Bram So you changed the recipient email and the issue persisted? Or is this the first email you were sending to?

Yes, i changed the recipient email and the issue persists. I even created a new flow to check if it might be from the flow:

And here the fun part comes…

When i use my personal account it al works.

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