Global and Local Variables

Global and Local Variables

I request the ability to declare global (activepieces wide) or local (flow intern) custom variables that could hold pieces of information that are used frequently like api-keys or email-addresses or whatever.

2 main Benefits:

  1. Building Flows: Saving Time and less potential Mistakes in building a Flow.

  2. Maintaining Flows: If a variable needs to be changed you need to change only ONE variable and safe a big load of time and avoid alot of potential mistakes and the nessecarity to change for example an api-key in multiple instances.

Hi @bilal,

Have you tried the storage piece for variables? I think that could help you out

Kr Bram

Hi Bram, thanks for responding and bringing Storage Pieces to the table!

Storage Pieces are not what compliment the workflow.

The Disadvantages of Storage Pieces are:

  1. When you need them, you need to remember the EXACT name of what you stored to get the piece of information back.
  2. for every Information that you want to use in the flow you need a dedicated step to get the Info - making a flow unnecessarily complex and complicated.
  3. It does not simply list you all the stored pieces.
  4. You have to store informations from with in a flow.

Alltogether this is by far not what could be possible because its more simple. Please Let me explain my feauture request (Screenshots attached):

  1. Outside the Flows in the Dashboard - an added symbol/category - from there you can setup and manage, declare Variables/Storage Pieces. (Name, What-To-Store (Value), Global or Local (Project or Flow)
  2. Then inside a flow without the need to open any extra multiple steps to store or retrieve Information from the “Data-Selector” (“Data to Insert” Window) you cloud select from complete list all available local and global stored values.

In Resume:
Right now I wouldnt use Storage Pieces for storing Infomations, It does not lift the type of work I think about, it rather creates a bunch of new: I would have to remember 1. what I have stored, 2. how I exactly called it and I would need create extra Steps making my flow complex just for calling each particular value and 4. I need a flow and steps to store the values form within rather then a general Storage Overview List. My feature request likes to enable us/you without having to remember anything and it likes to keep the flow building and maintaining fast and clean.

Best, Bilal

Btw: Nice to see you coming from Solution 8 - learnt alot from Kasim - shoutout;)

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If there is anywhere a way to upvote this, pls share me where. This is so essential for just anyone serious about automation that I didnt even thought about that a simple local “KVS” isn’t part of the game.

@bilal I had raised a similar problem with Storage pieces.
Maybe you can upvote the feature requests.
Your variables and Storage piece is the same. The major problem is the name of the variable/storage.

Need for “GetAll” action for “Storage” Piece for all the 3 Storage scopes

I gave it a vote👍 The Idea here has similarities but is different though, its about declaring variables/storage on a meta-level.

Hi @itsMe, absolutely agree👍 You can Upvote it right here at the Top above the post.