Ghost CMS post to Mastodon flow error (422?)

So I created a flow to take my GhostCMS posts and post them as statuses on the Mastodon instance I am on. I did the test flow thing and the GhostCMS part worked then the failure occurred on the Mastodon portion. I have attached screenshots below. Can I get some assistance please :frowning:


What is the value of “Post Published”? It seems empty; in that case, it’s throwing an error.

Can you try replacing the status temporarily with any text and click test? If it works, then we can verify whether the problem is that “Post Published” is empty.

Thank you,

If I change it to how the guide I looked at said to do it and with the mastodon section I just select “post status” and then choose “Post Published” (I am wanting it to post an excerpt and link to the blog post when any are posted) it shows this:

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 8.58.27 PM

However I looked and also tested the “Post Published” and went into the tree a bit and selected “post published current status” it will not show the error but the only thing it shows on mastodon is a new status simply saying “Post Published”. Nothing else. So I am not sure what I am doing wrong :cry:

I think I may have figured out how dumb I truly am xD I went in and realized you could string a couple things into that section. I selected plain text+the url of the post and it’s working now. Sorry for being dense xD Its been that kind of day!

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