Getting Notion item from database (primary key issue)

“path failed validation: path.page_id should be a valid uuid, instead was "Testing Todoist again".”

I am trying to sync Notion and Todoist. I can currently create an item in a Notion database and create a corresponding Todosit item. Great.

However, when setting up the automation that triggers when a Todoist item is complete it will mark the Notion item as complete: I’m not sure how to reference the item in Notion.

I’ve tried to pass some values from the Notion item when it gets created to pass to the Todoist item so I can use data from that Todoist item to find the Notion item, but I’m not sure how to pass over the uuid to the Todoist item when it’s created so I can reference the original Notion item.

Any joy with working on Todoist in AP?

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