Get database SQL into google sheets

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to understand if activepieces can match my need: I want to be able to retrieve the sql data from my ERP and upload it to Google sheets (or Excel) regularly.
When trying to setup, there is no option to start from mySQL, I only see that I can start from Google sheets and import data each time a line is created, which is not what I want.
Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance for your help!

there is a block for working with SQL. I use it successfully.

… for some reason, it does not allow you to add a screenshot…

Thanks for the feedback… I can the sql block, but I can’t start a process from it.
So I’m wondering what’s the process to retrieve the data from my sql database, and pour it into the google sheet, if you can help me it would be great!

Hi @BenTpe,

To start the workflow, you can use the Schedule piece. Then, utilize the Find Rows action within the MySQL piece to fetch rows based on specific conditions. After retrieving the rows, you can utilize the Loop piece to add them to Google Sheets.

Hi Kishan, this answers my question, thank you!
But I’m running into another problem. I can connect to Google Sheets without problem, but not to my DB. I’ve seen that other software I use are connecting via jdbc or odbc, is there something I can do on ActivePiece to succesfully access my data?

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@BenTpe ,

Could you please share the details of the error you are encountering while creating a MySQL connection?