Generating an access token

I’m trying to use the http piece to interact with Nifty PM because the integration doesn’t seem to have any of the important actions. I’m struggling to figure out how we generate the access token or authorize the connect to perform bearer http requests.

Would love any guidance on how to configure this to work as it’s our key purpose behind using ActivePieces.

Hello Michael!
If you are a developer yourself I would recommend you check our guide on making pieces Overview - Activepieces so you can contribute and make the actions you would like to have.
If you are not a developer and in a real hurry, the work around would be like this:

  1. Add a Nifty step and choose create task action.
  2. Add a connection so you can use it later, and remember its name.
  3. Remove your Nifty step.
  4. Add a connections step and choose the read connection action and place the connection name you created there.
  5. Test the step and you should see your connection related info there, the values will be censored in testing you can use the keys to refer to the token in your http headers.

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