Freedcamp Integration - Action and Trigger

Freedcamp Integration

Create a new task (Title, content, status)
Update a task (content, comment, task status)
Trigger when new task is created.
Duplicate a task (rename, other duplication settings as laid out in the platform)


Currently I have an automation setup where a new blog post is created and added to WordPress as a draft.

Once that happens it would be nice to be able to create a task and subtasks, or duplicate a task with subtasks (which would be easier to setup) and rename it, as the staff does manually now when they get a notification in Slack.

Once the Freedcamp task is created to go through the post to edit and publish it, a trigger that a task in that particular task list was created can trigger a duplication of the task and subtasks for the social media team to start working on.

Here is a video that explains it better.